Wonderland Indoor Adventure Playground for Grown Ups

We are testing market viability for Wonderland by running events at a children’s indoor adventure playground.

A video from February’s Wonderland event:

The essence of Wonderland is:

  • Leave your grown up worries at the door
  • Share your hopes and dreams
  • Play with childlike glee

We’ve designed an experience that encompasses the essence of Wonderland and you’ll have so much fun that you’ll ache from laughing and inadvertent exercise!

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We’ll use data from our test events to apply for funding and investment to build a permanent indoor adventure playground for grown ups. We’ll invite individuals, community groups and businesses to use the space to de-stress, play, think creatively about desired outcomes and steps to attain them. This is an early version of what Wonderland could be like:


  • Literally leave your grown up worries at the door (and use punch bag if desired)
  • Bounce along the tunnels
  • Slide down the long, curling chute and land on the ‘cloud’ that rolls you gently off onto mattresses
  • Draw and share your hopes and dreams
  • Whizz along the zip wires
  • Listen to stories
  • Climb on various climbing walls with rewards at the top
  • Play on the aerial silks and ropes and climbing frames
  • Visit the sensory cave
  • Collaborate to form actions for your hopes and dreams
  • Have a go at creative play, like collage, lyric-making, storytelling, musical instrument making, playing a song, painting future self, modelling your gift to the world, or whatever playshop is visiting Wonderland this week
  • Rest and chat (or not; your choice) in the hammock forest
  • Experienced coaches and facilitators
  • Library of inspirational and ‘how to’ books
  • Homegrown organic vegetables
  • Kitchen / cafe / vegan food and drink providing highly nutritious yummy food
  • Zero waste policy
  • Play with childlike wonder
  • Fire pit for gathering to eat, tell stories, sing, drum, dance around
  • Can be used for team building / innovation thinking / social responsibility project design
  • Sensory, sculpture, maze, forest gardens
  • Tree houses and den building area
  • Sauna

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