Our Mission

To inspire people to think big, create wonder-full projects, and collaborate / support one another in an environment that enables them to embody and explore their ideas in fun ways.

Our Values

  • Community;
  • support;
  • adventure;
  • challenge.

Julia Fry, Founder:0043_University_Of_Brighton_BeePurple_Ultraviolet_Headshots_2018_greyscale

In December 2005 I was asked to give a presentation using this premise:

“you wake up on Christmas morning and you’ve given a gift to the world; what is your gift?”

I came up with Wonderland, an indoor adventure playground for grown ups, where you leave your grown up worries at the door, share your hopes and dreams, and play with childlike wonder. It would be open to all adults, and entry would be via a ticket that arrived on your doormat inviting you to attend for free, giving you instructions on where to meet to be picked up by a coach and taken to Wonderland. There would be a mix of people from different backgrounds and childlike wonder would be the catalyst for people getting to know each other by sharing their ideas for wonder-full projects, whilst playing together freely. People would leave with new friends and achievable actions to bring their dreams closer to reality.



In June 2018 I attended the Beepurple Ultraviolet course at University of Brighton. It was an intense week of learning and practising entrepreneurial skills. The week helped me determine the ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) for Wonderland: holding events for adults in a children’s indoor adventure playground. I am currently testing the MVP by working with teams and individuals at Funplex, Brighton. Information from these events will help me when I apply to investors for funding for the Wonderland indoor adventure playground for grown ups.

When Wonderland has a place, we will invite corporates, community groups, and individuals to use it. Every so often, we’ll send out free tickets to people to come and enjoy Wonderland in the spirit of the original idea and we’ll ask those people,

“what is your gift to the world?”

Julia Fry is a Psychological Coach and graduated from Coaching Development Ltd’s Professional Coaching Skills course in 2006, shortly before becoming accredited by the International Coach Federation. In addition, Julia is a Climbing Instructor, and an Artist.