Will alcohol be available at Wonderland?

No. The spirit of Wonderland is childlike wonder and tapping into wonder is harder when intoxicated with alcohol, because it dulls the senses. Therefore, alcohol and drugs will not be tolerated at Wonderland, except as provided as part of a facilitated session.

When will Wonderland be built and open?

As soon as the minimum viable product (MVP) experiments are complete, I can start to apply for investment funding. Wonderland’s ethos means it will be a social enterprise so investment will be sought from ethical funders, including crowdfunding.

What if someone’s dream is violent towards others?

We use a coaching model called Problem, Remedy, Outcome, whereby if someone states their outcome as a problem or a remedy, we ask, “and then what happens?” We could use this to work with someone who is focused on violence. It may be that the violence is a metaphor for personal transformation. Or they may have a mental health condition. Either way, we have experienced coaches who can work with the person in a professional and ethical way. As a very last resort we may ask someone to leave and/or contact the police or other agencies if they are indicating harm to themselves or others.

Why has it taken so long for Wonderland to come into existence?

At first, it was just my response to a job interview presentation premise and it didn’t occur to me that it could actually exist. However, thoughts about Wonderland kept popping into my head and I talked about it with people. Everyone said they’d love to go to Wonderland. Eventually, whilst working with Luke Mitchell of Beepurple, University of Brighton’s service to help students and graduates with entrepreneurial aims, on another project, I shared my idea and decided I would focus on it. I have amazing support and collaboration with other people now and that is one of the conditions necessary for bringing Wonderland into reality. Another condition is belief that it’s possible; I have attended many workshops and presentations on business and funding in the last year and the people at these events helped me believe.

Also, I’ve done a lot of work, with the help of many people, on myself to come to terms with a very difficult childhood. I’ve learnt about coaching, community, self-organising teams, Clean Language, mindfulness, play, climbing, psychological models, and I’ve tested these things on myself and invited others to try them out, so I can see what works. Now I can bring these things into Wonderland as part of the ethos and value that we give to visitors.

Do I have to have an amazing hope or dream?

No. You can just enjoy playing and finding wonder in all the things Wonderland has to offer. You can choose to collaborate with others’ hopes and dreams, but you really don’t have to. Choice and consent are important at Wonderland.